Note From Our Partner: Vitamin Angels

Serve First recently received an update from our partner, Vitamin Angels. We wanted to share the good news with you too.

Hi Serve First,

Just wanted to share some exciting news to bring some happiness to your Tuesday –

Michael Kremer, a professor in the Department of Economics at Harvard, has just won a Nobel Prize for his work in International Public Health.

Over the last decade, through a series of rigorous long term trials, Michael discovered that providing free deworming medication to children in elementary school far outweighs other support options such as providing school meals or text books. With deworming medication school attendance went up by 25%! He followed students over many years and discovered that as adults these kids were consistently earning more and consuming more.

With this information, both Kenya and India decided to launch national free deworming programs in their elementary school systems. It’s been determined that the cost of this program will pay for itself as these children grow into healthy, educated, young adults contributing to the economy and paying taxes.

With your support, Vitamin Angels provided deworming medication to 45 million pre-school aged children last year who the government couldn’t reach. We’re supporting little ones when they are most vulnerable and we’re so happy to see this work continued through their elementary school years! We’re proud that the research is evolving and an even larger community is recognizing that these inexpensive nutritional interventions can literally change the course of a child’s life.

Thank you all for supporting this life changing work over the course of our partnership; it’s amazing to think of the difference you’ve made!


Account Manager|Vitamin Angels