Ralph Bietz

A message from Ralph Bietz: President: Univera Serve First Board of Directors

What is Serve First?

Welcome to Univera Serve First®.

There are so many terrific activities happening, and I’m so very thankful for everyone’s “ENTHUSIASM” and “ENERGY.”

Univera Serve First is really coming to life and generating a whole new stratosphere of opportunities thanks to you!

Your engagement in our new strategy hosting events, participating in Univera Serve First events and communicating our mission to others while donating your valuable time is greatly appreciated. Also, Univera, Serve First is connecting to our other charities that receive product donations. It’s absolutely terrific!

In just the past few months, we reached organizations from “Vancouver, to Halifax in Canada,” from the greater Seattle area to Memphis, TN to Indianapolis, IN in USA. Oversea we’ve contributed to an orphanage in Haiti and ventured on a mission to the Dominican Republic. What a great cause!

The letters, pictures and testimonials we receive at Univera Serve First are so heartwarming; letters and articles that I will share on our www.servefirst.org website.

Please feel free to let your friends know about Univera Serve First and to share these wonderful stories on Facebook.

Further, on the strategic side, we have added the following:

1.)    A Univera Serve First brochure in a .pdf file that you can download to support your events.

2.)    A .pdf file to the website that you can download and print to aide your efforts in hosting a Univera Serve First event or get-together. Often vendors will give a non-profit organization a discount or even donate to such an event. The .pdf letter is your proof of our Serve First charitable status.

3.)    Please refer to the Associates Event tab for event ideas and format. As well as to enjoy and learn more about what our great organization is doing.

4.)    Ah, yes… lastly, we have added new tabs on our Serve First website

·         Associate Events
·         Projects with a Purpose
·         Partnerships & a description of each organization
·         And President’s Blog

I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Yours truly in Univera Serve First,

Ralph's Signature3

R. L. R. Bietz   PhD / MBA
Global COO | Univera
President of the Board | Serve First
(360) 486-7500 ext. 1325 | www.univera.com
3005 First Avenue | Seattle, WA 98121

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