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Vitamin Angels

Univera Serve First is continuing our eighth year of partnering with Vitamin Angels, an established, proven leader in serving the disadvantaged in the US and abroad. In 2007, our partnership began, enabling Serve First to provide nourishment to children in rural Mississippi.

In 2009, Serve First began participating in Vitamin Angels’ “Operation 20/20” initiative, which is focused on providing eyesight-saving vitamin A to lactating women, infants, and children around the world.

In 2014, Vitamin Angels reached more than 35 million children in almost every U.S. state and approximately 45 countries worldwide with lifesaving and life changing vitamins and minerals. “The Support of Univera Associates is helping ensure that children in need have the chance to lead healthy and productive lives,” said Vitamin Angels’ President and Founder, Howard Schiffer.

We have also supported the Vitamin Angels cause across the world including projects in Guatemala, Nicaragua and most recently, Honduras. Through generous multi-year commitments, both the US-based and Korean-based Univera companies are helping to ensure that children all over the world have access to essential nutrients. For more information, visit