Stress Recovery Tips

While chronic stress is a year-round struggle for many of us, it can be particularly difficult to manage around the holidays when extra commitments and social interactions are piled on top of existing responsibilities and demands.

If you’ve tried taking a deep breath or even taking a yoga class and are stressed out thinking about what other options you may have to try to de-stress, here are a few helpful lists to give you some fresh ideas.

Ryan Bentley’s aptly titled article Stress relief: No need to stress over it (written for Petosky News) has some great tips ranging from getting more informed on the specific things stressing you to eating chocolate. In Ways to manage stress during the holidays, according to scientists, (written for Business Insider’s Science section) Lydia Ramsey and Jessica Orwig cover the usual ground with a few extra tips sure to help you out this coming winter.

Image: Pixabay

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