Stress, Disease and Quality of Life

Sure, we all know that stress is bad and can have a negative impact on our health. We’ve all heard it before, but just how dangerous and far reaching can the impact of stress really be for our lives?

From increasing your risk for Diabetes to making you more forgetful, JR Thorpe’s 9 Things Stress Does To Your Body (written for Bustle: Lifestyle) is sure to sound a wake-up call. Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith spells it out in no uncertain terms in her article for the Independent’s Health News Section: Chronic stress can cause heart attack, stroke, irritable bowel syndrome and weight gain. Meanwhile, stress can also ruin your teeth and make you look old according to HealthLine News’ 8 Ways Stress Is More Dangerous Than You Think.

And if all of this enumeration isn’t stressful enough, apparently stress can even give you a fever! As Lecia Bushak notes in Chronic Stress Can Make You Feverish; Another Reason To Improve Mental Health Awareness (for Medical Daily).

Image: Pixabay

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