Sacramento Associate Event

I am very excited to shed some light on the Univera Serve First™ event my team and I held in the Sacramento area.We are truly passionate about this organization’s mission, and the more we learn about Univera Serve First, the more associates love to help children from other malnourished countries across the nation. It really is amazing how simple it is to donate to this cause. Just $1.00 helps four children for an entire year. How extraordinary!!!The hardest part to planning an event is deciding how to make it happen and not to worry about the final result. My team and I decided to just go for it with the knowledge that every dollar raised during our event will go a long way.

We asked our Vice President of Business Development from Univera, Matt Rumpsa, to come into town and speak on behalf of Univera Serve First. The evening turned into an event that focused more on the heart of this company and included a great potluck dinner where everyone participated. Each associate tried to invite as many guests to come and listen to Univera Serve First’s mission in helping at-risk children, pregnant women, and newly lactating mothers in need of nutrition worldwide.SF2We sold raffle tickets in exchange for the chance to win a prize and drew names throughout the evening. The prizes given away included Univera Sever First t-shirts and notebooks. There were additional donations, such as associates offering massages, acupressure treatments and yoga classes. Everyone who attended the event absolutely loved it! We also played Univera Serve First videos throughout the night and shared stories regarding trips that some of our lucky associates were able to join to assist in Univera Serve First’s mission.Overall, the evening was a smashing success! My team and I appreciate the opportunity we were given to be a part of this important endeavor.

I would like to thank Dr. Ralph Bietz for educating our team on the importance of our involvement and how every bit really makes a difference. We are set on having a Univera Serve First fundraising event every quarter! Our next event will be a master yoga class where all the proceeds donated will go to Univera Serve First. We would like to switch up this fundraiser every time by involving more of our community members with each event.

I am so unbelievably proud of every individual who participated in making this event come together. We did it and we will do it again!

With love,

Catherine Raymer

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