Party with a Purpose

What if we could take networking to a whole new level?

Normally, people go to networking events to connect around business, get new clients and market themselves by sharing what they DO for a living.

How about a new context? This thought emerged as part of a team conversation, and then Teresa Molina had an epiphany! Why not network with people to SERVE and to align with a PURPOSE? This could be related to HOW we can BE in a way that makes a difference to others. Hey, this could be a UNIVERA SERVE FIRST event, and the group agreed!

“PARTY WITH A PURPOSE” was born, and it was obvious to Liz Diehl and Andy Parsons that it would happen at The Hatch in Portland, on May 17th, a Saturday night.  They envisioned an evening of fun with music, mocktails (non-alcoholic drinks with Xtra) and healthy snacks; and then it all came together. The teams aligned with this vision, and invited other associates and guests to join in; $5.00 a ticket plus tickets were purchased to be exchanged for water and Xtra. Associates donated the healthy snacks, two music ensembles played wonderful music for listening and dancing and as I mingled, I observed happy people sharing stories. The predominant energy I felt was confirmation – each one of us can make a difference, and as a community, we can positively impact the world!

Halfway through the evening, Teresa Molina gave a brief introduction to Bill Lee and his vision to “Bring the Best of Nature to Humankind,” and how the organization, Univera Serve First, is dedicated to bringing an end to world hunger by serving malnourished children with life-saving nutrition.

I am always touched by the high impact of this mission. While we were watching the video of children being served in Honduras, Guatemala and Mississippi, there were children in the room seeing the children in need, and my heart was so touched, that they too wanted to help, and be part of  “let’s make a difference.”

In my experience, up until now, I had not seen how people of purpose could be aligned with a grassroots movement that has the support of a conscious business. It is only through Univera, that this dream of building community where we all share dreams, purpose and happiness have come together, and wouldn’t you know it, people at the “PARTY WITH A PURPOSE” were touched, moved and inspired.  The conversation of what do you do evolved to who are you and how do you want to serve to make a difference?

“Steps for Creating your OWN Party with a Purpose:”

1. Choose a facility that offers an open environment to facilitate the synergy of community.
2. Create an invitation that is enticing for the event and share it with your team.
3. Develop a core team to help manage the event and include the following logistics – equipment for the Univera Serve First presentation, sign in table, refreshments, cups, raffle tickets for additional drink purchases, entertainment, healthy snacks, and who brings what.
4. Welcome table – sign people in, collect money, offer information about Univera Serve First.
5. Have a basket for people to donate money for the mission of Univera Serve First.
6. Prepare short presentation-showing video of Univera Serve First – and how donations are matched by Bill Lee.
7. Smile and make new friends who want to pay it forward and make a difference!

With love, Renee Poindexter

Associates should ensure that it is made clear to attendees of such events that donations to Univera Serve First will be passed on to the charity on their behalf, and that the event is not sponsored by Univera Serve First.  If there are entrance fees or other fees paid by attendees that will not be part of a charitable donation, attendees should also be clearly notified of that fact.

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