Announcing Our New Website!

First, a special “Thank You” to everyone who is helping our wonderful Serve First organization. We are very excited and pleased to announce our new website and its fully “social media” friendly features!

The new Serve First website is redesigned communicating the latest News and upcoming Events.

At,  you can learn how to Get Involved, see what kind of Associates Events are happening, check out our latest Projects with a Purpose, browse Past Projects, watch Project Videos and read the President’s Blog. In addition, there are downloadable brochures, and  non-profit thank you letters for your support with Serve First events and gatherings.

In addition, there is a new Serve First chart showing the impact of the number of children and families that we are helping. We update the chart every month so that you can follow Serve First’s progress and how you are making a difference.

Please be sure to sign up to receive automatic updates on new posts, blogs, trips, talent shows and upcoming Serve First Events.  Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter! With your help, we really are making a difference.      

Best Regards,


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