Nutrigenomics and Illness Prevention

In the perennial nature vs. nurture debate, nature often gets a bad rap, but the case for the power of proper nurture is looking very good these days, specifically with the rise in fields such as Nutrigenomics, which tie genetic information with nutritional choices and possibilities.

Writing for Natural News, S. L. Baker makes the bold claim (in his article, New field of nutrigenomics reveals how what you eat now can prevent future disease) that “The key to this revolutionary stop-disease-before-it-happens strategy isn’t a new drug, vaccine or sophisticated gene therapy. Instead, it is eating specific foods.”

This gives all of us more choices and power over our own health. Born into a family with a history of cancer or heart disease? Your fate is not set in stone, as S.L. Baker continues in the same article: “Simply put, scientists could eventually recommend specific foods for an individual based on his or her genetics that will prevent future diseases — especially those that tend to “run in families”, such as certain cancers, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and even obesity.”

Image: Pixabay

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