Tana Whelan

Nicaragua 2015: Tana Whelan

1) A short description of yourself. What you like to do, your profession, any family details you would like to contribute.
My name is Tana Whelan and I am a business finance analyst for Univera Corporate. In addition to that title, I also am the Board Coordinator for Serve First. That means I organize the donations and am the point person for working with our many non-profit donation partners. Outside of work, I attend law school part-time and when I have a spare moment, I spend my time hiking and adventuring outdoors with my wonderful husband of almost 2 years, and my two lovable and silly dogs.

2) What is your favorite Univera product and why?

My favorite Univera product! That’s a hard one! I have so many! I think right now it would have to be the W389 skin care line. I love how it makes my skin feel!

3) What does Serve First mean to you?
To me, Serve First means to help in any way possible. I get Associates who call me asking how they can help and what they can do to support and move the philosophy of Serve First forward in order to help more people. I am consistently astounded by the generosity and altruism of Univera’s Associates when it comes to Serve First.

4) How do you include the Serve First mission into your Univera business?
Serve First is a cornerstone of Univera as a whole. Serve First is a way for people to see the goals and heart of Univera in action.

5) Describe how you felt when you found out that you had been chosen to go on the annual Serve First trip.
I have been actively working on the trip to Nicaragua since late summer of 2014, just a few short months after the 2014 trip as over! I never dreamed I would be selected. When Ralph told me I was to attend to “help out and organize” I told him it would be the most organized trip ever!

6) What are your expectations about Nicaragua? What do you think it will be like there?
I expect that it will be unlike anything I have ever known. After working with the attendees from last year and Vitamin Angels, I know the people we meet will be absolutely amazing. I am really looking forward to meeting first-hand the people Serve First is helping!

7) What are you going to do to prepare for your trip? Physically, mentally and emotionally?

I think preparing for the trip is a little different for me than everyone else! I will be booking flights and working with Vitamin Angels on the travel arrangements up until the moment I have to turn off my phone on the airplane! Outside of the role of Board Coordinator however, I will continue my running 3 times a week and try to focus on my school finals that are 3 days before we leave! So I will definitely be throwing everything I need into a bag hopefully the night before, but more likely the morning of!

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