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Nicaragua 2015: Jordan Monroe

Please join Univera Serve First™ in congratulating one of Univera’s outstanding young leaders, Jordan Hubbard Monroe, for being chosen as a Nicaragua 2015 attendee. Jordan has exemplified servant leadership by helping Serve First arrange a donation to an orphanage in Haiti. Way to go and congratulations Jordan!

1) A short description of yourself. What you like to do, your profession, any family details you would like to contribute.
I am blessed to have the most incredible family. I thank the stars every night for my mother, Reagan Hubbard, my father, Glen Hubbard, my rocks and guiding forces on this journey. My sister and brother, Hayden and Trevor Hubbard. It is because of who they are, I have become who I am! My brother and his girlfriend, Amanda Tassie Scherk, have given our family the greatest gift to date, their son, my nephew, Cash Henry Hubbard. Cash is the most amazing human I know. I wish everyday I could live through his eyes. His Joy, love, determination, and curiosity inspire me to live and honor my inner child at all times!

I am also blessed to have the most wonderful, kind, caring, and smartest man to call my husband. Nathan Monroe and I got married by Stephen Cherniske in Hawaii, January 17, 2014 under the sky with misting sprinkles, sun, and rainbows hovering around us (no joke!). Surrounded by some of our closest family and friends, it was the most magical week of our lives.

We just bought our first home together in Edmonds, WA where we live minutes away from the most amazing and loving Monroe Families. To have such an awesome support unit in my in-laws, Mike and Mary Monroe, and to have my brother and sister in-law and their two girls, 5 minutes away is such a joy. The bond that I have with my nieces, Stella (6) and Claire (4) is unbreakable. They have taught me more about being in the present and what it is to own your individuality, and to be bold with it, than anyone I know! I am so grateful to have them all a stones throw away.

Making Univera my full-time career over the last 7 years has been quite a blessing as well. The freedom we have created is one of the best benefits I can speak of. The ability to travel at the drop of a dime, pick up my nieces from school on a moment’s notice, and just live life according to a flow that I dictate as opposed to one mandated to me for survival is amazing and worth all of the journey to make it happen. Univera is a path that has aligned every aspect of life that I love and for that I am forever grateful.

2) What is your favorite Univera product and why?
Oh man this is a tough one. I can’t choose one…
I will have to pick the Metabolic Makeover because first these five core products work together to address the 5 key areas that breakdown during the aging process. And second, I wouldn’t go a day without them. Having real energy, creating a healthy heart with optimal circulation, reducing inflammation, turning my body into a fat burning machine, and strengthening my immune and digestive system! Who wouldn’t want all that! The only other product I would never go a day without is PRIME! I want to keep the most exquisite hormone in my body (DHEA) as active and productive as possible! That is why I take Prime everyday!

3) What does Serve First mean to you?
Serve First as an organization, means the ability to team up with people and organizations who already know how to achieve success and are in alignment with the values and desires I have, to transform the world. I love the fact that Serve First has done the work. Meaning, they have vetted the companies/organizations chosen to donate to. I have a deep passion to help children and as Whitney Houston said, “I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they posses inside. Give them a sense of pride, to make it easier.” (RIP WHIT)

This has long been my goal. I hear those lyrics play over and over and I feel so blessed to team up with Serve First who has teamed up with Vitamin Angels and Feed the Children, whose purpose is to deliver nutrients to children so that they have a chance to survive. And in most cases because of the continual efforts not just survive, but THRIVE.

4) How do you include the Serve First mission into your Univera business?
This is a key focus in every discussion I have with people who are evaluating Univera. We let them know that when they choose to take their own health into their hands, they are also supporting 4 children and giving vital nutrients for an entire year.

Also, it is because of my amazing sister, Hayden that I am inspired to do more. She led an amazing effort to deliver Essentials to Mason Fortuna, an orphanage in Haiti. She has worked in orphanages in Thailand and has always had a servant’s heart. When I saw what she was able to accomplish last year in Haiti in a matter of days, I was blown away about how simple this transformation can be. It comes down to a decision and alignment with those who believe and see what we are all capable of, if we all do a little bit. She is my role model in all things philanthropic and I am so proud of all that she has done and all that she continues to do.

5) Describe how you felt when you found out that you had been chosen to go on the annual Serve First trip.
BEYOND GRATEFUL. I had many conversations with Ralph Bietz about Serve First and one day I decided to just ask if I could be apart of one of our trips in the future. Never did I imagine it would be a few weeks later that he would pull me aside at corporate and tell me the most amazing news I have heard this year so far. I got very choked up and realized this was another moment where I knew my life was about to change. I feel the responsibility of being a Univera Ambassador on this trip, and I do not take that lightly. It is my honor to help and carry this flag high as we embark on this Serve First trip.

6) What are your expectations about Nicaragua? What do you think it will be like there?
Oh man. I am not quite sure as to what to expect, but I have taken some time to have conversation via txt and in person with past trip goers. Talking with Suzan Zeiger, Shelly Sorg and Jan Boynosky have given me much insight as to the role I will play. Truly to be there as a friend and help in anyway possible. My hope is to build lasting relationships with not only the people in Nicaragua, but the teams coming from each organization so that, in this will not be a once in a life time experience, but more a platform to launch many more Serve First endeavors in the future.

7) What are you going to do to prepare for your trip? Physically, mentally and emotionally?
Physically, I’m getting some shots, TDAP, HepA, Typhoid pills, Cipro. CDC really packs a wallop of all the prep you “need”! With Stephen Cherniske’s guidance, I have narrowed down the pharma side. As for the Univera side, I am AMPING UP on Aloe Select, Aloedophilus, super immune, and much more.
Mentally, I’m talking with Suzan about what to eat and what not to eat…good thing beans and rice are my favorite! Finding out from Shelly what to bring for the kids, the best of which are open arms and a huge smile!

Emotionally, I’m remembering everyday that I am blessed. We often lose sight of this perspective and, I am guilty of this just as anyone. So each morning and evening, I take a moment or two and just put my life into GRATITUDE. And then realize how much more I can GIVE. I want to go to Nicaragua with my cup (heart) full so that I am able to just overflow with kindness and love. I suspect I will be the recipient of a bigger kindness and love and to that end, I hope to bundle it in my heart and bring it back to all of Univera!


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  1. Congrats Jordan! I enjoy observing you live your life with passion. It’s contagious!


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