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Nicaragua 2015: Bob and Renate

Univera Serve First™ would like to congratulate Bob and Renate Lundberg for being selected as attendees for Nicaragua 2015! Bob’s and Renate’s efforts on the 2014 Talent show really demonstrated the dedication to service which has helped Serve First deliver nourishment to children world-wide. Last year’s Talent Show raised the highest donation amount ever in the history of Serve First! We are excited they will be returning as the hosts of this year’s Talent Show which you can get more information about here .

Great work and congrats Bob and Renate!

1)  A short description of yourself. What you like to do, your profession, any family details you would like to contribute.
Bob and I love to spend time with family and friends and love to travel the world.  I used to teach and counsel at a college and Bob was an avionics engineer with a helicopter company.  Today we enjoy introducing people to Univera and work with our team throughout North America and beyond.  Our children are married and live in Los Angeles, CA and Ann Arbor, MI.  When our precious grand son was born, we were able to relocate to California for 7 months to spend time with our family.  Thank you, Univera!

2)  What is your favorite Univera product and why?
This is a tough question since we have so many ‘favorite’ products!!  Xtra is certainly a daily ‘must have’ for our family.  At the same time, we can’t imagine living without Prime since it truly allows us to perform like we did in our 20s and 30s.  Of course we love Essentials since it gives our body the essential nutrients while we are enjoying our busy life style and RegeniCare since it allows us to play all the sports again.

3)  What does Serve First mean to you?
There is nothing more rewarding than giving back! Serve First allows us to do that on a daily basis by taking Univera products, by introducing others to Univera, by organizing Serve First events like the Talent Show or by participating in Serve First events organized by Univera such as the 5K walk in May. It is a wonderful way to connect to the Univera community and help Bill Lee fulfill his vision.

4)  How do you include the Serve First mission into your Univera business?
Many people are looking for a purpose.  It is fun and easy to tell people about Serve First and how Univera has been able to help literally millions of children around the world have better health. We invite people to Serve First events that our team organizes and when people meet our wonderful Univera family they can’t help but want to become a part of it.

5) Describe how you felt when you found out that you had been chosen to go on the annual Serve First trip.
Bob and I were completely surprised when we received the phone call from Ralph Bietz!  This year is our 25th wedding anniversary and Bob and I had talked about taking a special trip that we will remember for the rest of our lives.  It was within a couple of days that Ralph invited us to go to Nicaragua with Serve First!  We know that this will be the most memorable trip we will ever be able to take.

6) What are your expectations about Nicaragua? What do you think it will be like there?
Being the largest country of Central America, I assume that it has a beautiful country site with volcanos, shorelines, and lots of history in the cities.  I heard that the people are very friendly and the food is very good.  I expect us to take long bus rides from the hotel into the field where we will be able to spend time with the families.  Interviewing the mothers and playing with the children will be the highlight of the trip. 🙂

7)  What are you going to do to prepare for your trip? Physically, mentally and emotionally?
I feel that we are physically fit thanks to taking Univera products for the last 12 years.
Mentally and emotionally I expect it to be challenging to see the living conditions in contrast to American standards.

I assume that we will also see poverty and inadequate sanitary conditions that we have not experienced in the US, which may be heartbreaking and therefore mentally and emotionally challenging.

A young child of any country of any circumstance is totally dependent on its resources (i.e. parent, parent ability) to provide support needed for a safe start on life.  In some countries of the world, the parental resource is limited to love and cannot provide further for the safety of the child.  In these situations, the parent simply does not know what they don’t know.

It is of interest to me how the needs of parents in these circumstances in hundreds if not thousands of remote regions of the world become known by organizations such as Vitamin Angels.  Also of interest is after the needs of these regions make themselves known, how does Vitamin Angels determine which of the thousands receive assistance?

Bob and I are so honored to go on this trip.  We would like to send a huge Thank You to everyone who invited us and to everyone who is making this experience possible!


Bob & Renate

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