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Meadow Rose Society

Serve First is now partnered with the Meadow Rose Society!

From their website: “The Meadow Rose Society was started in an effort to help families with children under the age of three who find themselves in financial crisis.

We help such families with items specifically for the needs of this age group with everything from diapers, wipes, cookies, baby food, formula and toiletries to larger items such as highchairs, strollers, cribs and car seats.

Our clients range from someone being temporarily out of work, to grandparents on a fixed income, to single parents or families on disability.

We also partner with StreetHope New and Used to help these families with clothing in emergency cases.

Each family applying for assistance must qualify financially for our services and are permitted 2 visits to our office per month.┬áIn extenuating emergency cases, we have an after hours phone number to help during the hours our office is closed.”

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