How to Help


Donations are powerful. We rely on the kindness of people like you to help us bring vital nutrients to children and families in need, globally and locally. With over 99% of donations going directly to those in need, you can trust that your donation will be used with purpose and not wasted on overhead costs. Many people think that they don’t have much to give and therefore their donation would be meaningless. Let’s be clear, this is so far from the truth! Every donation we get means one less child is at risk of malnutrition, one less family has to worry about putting food on their table. A single US dollar is enough to provide FOUR children with Vitamin A for a year in certain parts of the world. Vitamin A deficiency is the leading cause of preventable blindness in children and increases the risk of disease and death from severe infections. We ask you to please consider clicking below and giving today.


Hosting an event is a fantastic way to get involved. We can always use more boots on the ground. The most common way to host an event is in your local area. Some event ideas include: 5k run/walk, auctions, parties, food drives! If you are interested in hosting an event, contact us at for more information.


Not sure if hosting an event is for you? That’s okay! You can always check to see if there is an event nearby for you to volunteer! Event hosts can always use extra help in setting up and running their events. Check out our Events page for upcoming events or contact us at  for more information.


Word of mouth is formidable! If you feel inspired by the Univera Serve First mission, let others know about us!

The more recognition we have, the more donations we can collect, and the more good we can do around the world!

All with the help of you.