Honduras 2013: Suzan Zeiger

In April of 2013, Univera Associates and Corporate Staff accompanied Serve First’s partner, Vitamin Angels, on a mission trip to Honduras.  Below, you can get to know the lucky Associates who were chosen to attend this trip.

Suzan Zeiger

Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark

My favorite hobbies are hiking the beautiful mountains in our area, cooking, reading, bicycling, yoga and traveling.

How long have you been involved with Univera?
6 years

Favorite Univera Product(s):
Aloe Gold, Xtra, RegeniCARE, Level G

Why is Serve First important to you?
Serve First and Bill Lee’s view on helping everyone in the world live a better and healthier life are the main reasons I decided to pursue Univera as a business. Helping children receive health, wellness, love and joy is one of my main purposes in life.

How did you feel when you found out you were chosen for this trip?
I was so excited I literally almost fell out of my chair! We watch the announcements at our weekly Xplore meeting and there were close to 100 other Associates in the room, so there was a lot of cheering. It was a beautiful moment. I feel extremely blessed to be a part of this amazing program. It completely fits in with everything I have ever wanted to accomplish in my life.

What are your expectations about the trip?
I am expecting to see and experience things I have never seen or felt before. I am certain there will be challenges, but I am positive that with God’s blessing upon us all it will be a fantastic trip for everyone. I am certain I will love the people and enjoy learning about their culture and traditions.

How are you physically, mentally and emotionally preparing for this trip? Physically, I plan to get outside and do some hiking so that I can be prepared for potential strenuous hiking/walking when we get there.

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