Happy New Year from Univera Serve First®

Happy New Year from the Univera Serve First® team!
The start of a New Year allows us to reflect on this past year and extend a special appreciation to those who have made it a memorable year of serving.
Through your heartfelt giving, Univera Serve First has reached hundreds of thousands of children across the globe. Your donations of over $60,000.00 were matched by Univera to make the total donations to Univera Serve First over $120,000.00! In 2014 Univera Serve First extended its relief efforts into the countries of The Unites States, Canada, Africa, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Mexico. Univera Diamond Associates Angelyn Toth, Shelly Sorg, Emerald Associate Katrina McGillivray, and Univera executives went for a week long service program in the Dominican Republic where they witnessed the distribution of essential vitamins to children of impoverished villages in the Dominican Republic’s countryside. Each Associate shared their unforgettable experiences through articles published on the Univera Serve First website.
In 2014, Univera Serve First partnered with Associates and non-profit organizations across the United States and Canada to build awareness of community needs. Through these partnerships, Univera Serve First has been able to spread its message of serving those less fortunate.
As the New Year of 2015 begins, I would like to personally thank each of you for your giving, your service and your belief in the Univera Serve First mission. You have made such a difference in the lives of many. Our goals for 2015 are ambitious and far reaching, but through your heart and service, we will indeed make a difference!
Warmest regards & Thank you so much!

Ralph Bietz
President, Univera Serve First

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