Univera’s Serve First™ Team Completes Charitable Work in Dominican Republic

As part of its commitment to revitalizing communities, Univera’s Serve First™ team recently returned from the Dominican Republic, where they assisted Vitamin Angels’ in-country partners in distributing multivitamins and albendazole, a deworming treatment, to the country’s at-risk children and mothers.

Univera, through its philanthropic arm, Serve First, has partnered with Vitamin Angels on a variety of projects to help support their cause. Over the past four years, the Univera Serve First team has visited Vitamin Angels’ projects in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, and most recently the Dominican Republic. Their program in the Dominican Republic is reaching more than 1 million children with vitamin A as well as about 42,000 pregnant women, new mothers, and children under five years old with daily vitamins.

According to Vitamin Angels, millions of children around the world suffer from a lack of micronutrients, which has led to disease and roughly 45 percent of all childhood deaths have been attributed to under-nutrition. To help support these global challenges, Univera created Serve First, a public charity dedicated to providing nutritional support to impoverished children around the world.

Since its inception, Serve First has generated nearly $1.5 million in donations, a portion of which goes to Vitamin Angels.

As part of the Serve First program, in addition to providing monetary support, Univera Associates can earn an opportunity to join Serve First and Vitamin Angels on annual humanitarian trips to locations around the globe. Those who attend receive a first-hand experience of their donations in action, observing vitamin distributions, interacting with beneficiaries and gaining a greater understanding of the causes of under-nutrition.

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