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Childhood Stress and Health in Adulthood: The Surprising Connection

We’ve all heard about how a stressful job, life circumstance or living environment can negatively impact someone’s health, but what about a stressful childhood? And no, this is not just another round of ‘let’s blame my parents for my problems’!

“This is the first study to suggest a heightened risk for chronic diseases by individuals who experience distress in childhood, even when distress was not experienced in adulthood. These findings question the idea that biological damage sustained early in life can be fully reversed if distress is alleviated, suggesting that childhood may be a period of particular vulnerability with respect to the future chronic disease.” Writes Farah Qureshi in his article: Childhood stress and the risk for adult chronic disease (written for the Journalist’s Resource) where he is referencing a new study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

Ziba Kashef’s article for the Yale University School of Nursing: Exposure to Toxic Stress in Childhood Linked to Risky Behavior and Adult Disease, further explores what is sure to be a controversial topic.

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