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The Surprising Link Between Obesity and Vitamin A Deficiency

While intuitively, it would seem that if someone gets enough calories, and those calories contain enough of any given vitamin or nutrient, it would be impossible for them to experience deficiencies in that vitamin or nutrient and by extension the detrimental health effects of such a deficiency. But in some intriguing new Cornell University findings, […]


Malnutrition in the Developed World: More Widespread than You Might Think.

Many people in the modern Western world consider malnutrition to be a very remote problem: either geographically far removed or historically remote, happening in the long forgotten dark ages of civilization. But in a shocking article published in the Independent, Malnutrition and ‘Victorian’ diseases soaring in England ‘due to food poverty and cuts’, Dean Kirby […]


Vitamin A Deficiency: Who it affects and Why it Matters

According to the World Health Organization’s Micronutrient Deficiencies page, Vitamin A Deficiency (VAD) is a widespread problem worldwide (affecting over 50% of countries in the world) and is particularly harmful for children and pregnant mothers. Insufficient Vitamin A can lead to visual impairment, blindness and early death, especially in children within the crucial age bracket […]