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How Stress Contributes to Risk for Alzheimer’s and Liver Disease

The dangers of excessive stress are becoming more and more apparent, as its health implications continue to be studied in relation to various diseases. Take Alzheimer’s disease: Scott LaFee, writing for UC San Diego Newsroom discusses this connection in his article, Modulating Brain’s Stress Circuitry Might Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease where he says that “researchers at […]

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Childhood Stress and Health in Adulthood: The Surprising Connection

We’ve all heard about how a stressful job, life circumstance or living environment can negatively impact someone’s health, but what about a stressful childhood? And no, this is not just another round of ‘let’s blame my parents for my problems’! “This is the first study to suggest a heightened risk for chronic diseases by individuals […]

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The Surprising Link Between Obesity and Vitamin A Deficiency

While intuitively, it would seem that if someone gets enough calories, and those calories contain enough of any given vitamin or nutrient, it would be impossible for them to experience deficiencies in that vitamin or nutrient and by extension the detrimental health effects of such a deficiency. But in some intriguing new Cornell University findings, […]