Univera Convention 2014

Univera’s Got Talent! The people within our UNIVERA Community are noticeably alive and vital, and when they gather together, well let’s just say their combined ENERGY resonates more than what you could find just about anywhere. People from outside the community are often overheard inquiring, “Who are Those Guys?”  What a great question! We decided to bring back our […]

Party with a Purpose

What if we could take networking to a whole new level?

Normally, people go to networking events to connect around business, get new clients and market themselves by sharing what they DO for a living.

How about a new context? This thought emerged as part of a team conversation, and then Teresa Molina had an epiphany! Why not network with people to SERVE and to align with a PURPOSE? This could be related to HOW we can BE in a way that makes a difference to others. Hey, this could be a UNIVERA SERVE FIRST event, and the group agreed!